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November 30, 2007

hello im back to blog!!
nv update recently because i was too lazy and as u can see my hols is vv boring
but i managed to complete all my hw!
aint i hardworking =D
accept for the 10 newspaper reflections and chi de hw and the qn which i duno how to do
tht shld take up to more thn half of the hw? haha
so wht is dec for?!!
aiya revision lor
can someone pls teach me physics?
i dowan to fail >:
ok i hav got some dec hols resolution!

-memorise ALL the composition in the compo bks i have
-finish reader digest 2007

-memorise ALL bao zhang bao dao
-memorise cheng yu

-revise MOLE concept agn!

-get someone to teach me physics!! ( i got no idea how i can figure it out myself. QC DID U SEE THS!! )

-read tb times and times over and over agn
hey i realise the learning quadrant helps!! aft doing it i can finally rmb chpt 3!! see i still rmb how to spell 'abyssinia' if not eoy sure fail. oops rihanna pls dun see ths

haha so many things to do i doubt can finish it in the dec hols! haha can someone teach me physics? QC PLS SEE THS!!


the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, November 30, 2007

November 21, 2007

went for eldds and woke up late agn!!

ths time i had rmb to set the correct time but i din push the button up
and my da could not send me to sch
and i rmb tht my PE attire was at my ah ma hse
thus i had to quickly brush my teeth and rush to ah ma hse to change
given another stroke on the paper
i rank second in the late list!
thn we had to finish off the whole script
nicole is getting irritable of us
woo~ im the host of amazing race =D
shufen came to support us
thn zackerry minyu and katherine was the 3 little? pigs thn they had to have a pig nose!

see their pig noses!

vincent and melmel fighting it out!


minyu drew ths for me!

haha v obviosly the xiao hua de 'xiao' is written wrongly!!

TSKTSK cuo bie zi!!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 19, 2007

went kelvin gorgor's wedding!!
finally a wedding at last!!
the last one i attended was whn i was p6?
went a teochew restuarant at centrepoint for the wedding lunch
wah the bride was rly pretty!
thn the place v nicely decorated also
whn i reached they were having the tea ceremony alr
thn i saw all my cousins!!
chatted and took pictures =D
thn ltr the bride and groom cut the wedding cake
ok the cake is fake and thr is a hole behind the cake
so they just slot the knife into the hole and it looks like they are cutting the cake
thn got the teochew cold dish SHARKFIN cereal prawns promfret veg and dessert
(no pictures, may not sound and LOOK appealing haha)
thn i ask for plain water and i drink till half
thn ltr the person come refill she refill with sprite
thn ltr i drink why my water taste like vv diluted sprite
aft tht went shopping at plaza sing!
but i got no money =(
went sasa and shenny bought me eyelash curler =DD
thn the salesgirl thr all got put fake lashes!
so next yr aft my Os i shall work at sasa!!
or maybe faceshop cos i get to put nailpolish and my papa cant nag at me cos i can say tht it is required =D
is two storey one leh!!
tm's faceshop here i come....!
went secret recipe to eat
i recommend classic cheesecake
secret recipe have got the best cakes

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, November 19, 2007

November 14, 2007

im v bored today so i shall post the comic strip
starring: MAIN ACTRESS- NGLITING!!!! and PEI JIAO- melissatan and chanlishan!
liting .......... the vv innocent girl named liting=D
laosun .......... ah hua
lishan .......... ah huey

ah hua kicks liting but liting catches her leg. and liting tried to kick ah hua but ah hua catches her leg, so they are hoping ard!!

ah hua pushes liting to the staircase. tsktsk look at tht smile

FINAL MOVE!! liting strangles ah hua and LITING WON!! WOOHOO!

i hereby announce tht the versions at yikai and laosun's blog is fake!! see mine instead!!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 12, 2007

went for hist lesson today
pearl was absent cos she got sore eyes frm too much porn on computer
thn we all sat in a v longgggg row starting wiv boyang jiaobin yijuan shermin yanqing guaishou ME! eveniang feiho laosun yk and finally yihua
yihua got a new hairstyle which was rly tall and sparse!
and ms joseph gave chocolates!
went kopitiam to makan and made our way to yk's hse!
started wiv my fav mahjiong session!
laosun and guaishou din know how to play it so we started wiv a trial
they werent enthu at first but soon got rly excited
of cos lah mahjiong leh who wont addicted!
but guaishou is just too slow i keep forgeting tht she was thr haha
thn played like 3 rounds
guaishou won the first round GOSH!
thn i won the 2nd and 3rd round!
see my tiles so swee~!
thn i got to go hme but before tht we went outside to take photos and took a movie which turned into comic stip!
dun hav the pics pls go yikai's blog for the comic strip!
it is rly vvv funny i assure u cant stop laughing!
oso visit laosun's blog for another version of it!
but anyw I DIN LOST OK!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, November 12, 2007

went to change the color of the dress
salesgirl: im sorry u cant change cos no receipt
me: i called ths outlet ytd and tell the person i no receipt but she say can change by today
salesgirl: sorry but ths is the policy of of our company
-mummy to the rescue-
mummy: why cant change ytd my daughter call the girl and she say can change today
salesgirls: im sorry but we cant change for u cos u no receipt
-aft much arguing and my mummy got fed up-
mummy: (shouting now) u dun so NGIAO ah i tell u. i oso not say want refund or wht i just want to change the color. change the color oso cannot ah. thn ur girl nv give receipt. thn my daughter go call and the person say can come and change today so we purposely rush down here. u thnk i v free ah i today got work leh! i dun care! u go call whoever i duno who is on shift ytd u go call n ask her ah! ( slams the dress onto the table )
finally the salesgirl went to call whoever is on shift ytd and she finally let me change =D
wah so heng purple left last piece
mummy: ( v politely) ya thank you
not our fault right
i DID call the person and ask if i can change the color and i MENTIONED i din hav the receipt and she said i COULD change the color by today
its not as if i din call and went to make a din
if i din call my mummy wouldnt shout either if not it would be her fault
so is my power mummy wrong to shout and scream n raise her voice at thm?
obviously apparently evidently NOT
however i will definitely cont to shop thr

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, November 12, 2007

November 10, 2007

went out to orchard wiv JM today!
sort of got lost in orchard cos we cant find far east plaza
thn had to call guaishou for directions
ate fried mars bar!!
was rly nice leh v crispy and still hot and the icecream v delicious oso
thn i hold the bowl its like yi bian hot yi bian cold haha
bought electric blue dress =D
thn went AMK hub cos its still early
wah thr quite big leh but not rly many things to shop
but got my fav face shop!!
however, the v controllable me controlled myself by not buying any nail polish =D
within an hour we went back tm
JM bought a v nice handbag!!
white patent de v nice!!
she shall sell ME and not anyone else at the price of $22 after my cousin's wedding( she bought it for $23.90, $1.90 saved =D)
went home and showed my mum the dress
mum: aiyo why u buy ths horrible color i dun care if u buy other color or black u cant buy ths color!!
OMG she actually hate another color more thn BLACK. GOSH
TSK and she demands i change it or else she wont let me wear it
thus i called the person and asked if i can change the color of the dress but i dun hav receipt
she say actually cant but she say ok but mus change it either today or tmr
so tmr i shall go wiv my mum to change it and hopefully she still rmb tht i called today and ask if i can change without receipt
or else MY MUM shall make ALOT of noise until she relents :)

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 09, 2007

had physics SPA today
pearl say tht the SPA is ard 10.30 start so we had to meet cp at 9.30
but turned out tht is 11.0 start
ZZZ my beauty slp!!
aft tht jianbin said tht we gg THE RIVERVALE to play pool
but was cancelled in the end cos the 1pm time slot is alr booked
hope tht we can make it another day =D
lunched at cp
was divided into three groups!!
MAC: jianbin yihua eveniang yanqing
KFC: yijuan shermin yikai
KOPITIAM: me guaishou feiho
feiho couldnt eat fast food and we ate jiab chai beng instead
hey the tofu in the duno wht gravy was rly delicious!!
is smth like the sharkfin tht kinda gravy
but sharkfin is definitely more tasty (hey i hinting tht i ate sharkfin before)
finished the whole plate and a big fat amount of food was stuck bbtw the braces!!
thn me n feiho go toilet to rinse mouth and dig out u-know-wht
thn i rinse my mouth thn i gargle gargle thn i pui out the water thn the sink got alot of small pieces of rice and food!!
got alot of color leh got orange white yellow
cos i ate carrot rice and tofu respectively
and for the more stubborns one i had to dig with smth la
thn guaishou suggested tht i face down to the sink thn she help me cover thn i dig haha
thn aft eating we all meet and saw ms joseph and her mummy!!
we were v bored thus we decided to follow her to watsons
ms joseph: (in her normal qiao she yin as usual) aiya!! zen me-er zen zhong-er wo ya!!
POOR ME and yk and yihua had to walk under the HOT SUN I SWEAR back to sch for eldds
and LUCKY msphua and mslim were busy ENJOYING their sakae sushi
thn arranged the scenes tgt in el
was rly boring so gossipped alot wiv minyu kat and siowmay
my favourite part of eldds =D

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, November 09, 2007

November 07, 2007

had hist lesson at 9 today
was drizzling in the morning and freaking 27 was taking forever
waited for more thn 15min!!
as a result me guaishou feiho weiting yijuan n shermin was LATE!!
upon reaching sch we tried to take the nearest shortcut to 3F
went up by the dnt staircase
reached 2nd fl and found out tht thr was olevels went 3rd fl instead and we hav to walk one big round
nvm its ok......
but we walk halfway thn the bio lab was cordoned off cos got bio SPA!!
POOR US hav to walk back to the 2nd fl and had to walk past the hall vv quietly
and finally reached the 3rd fl
rly hate the structure of the sch TSK
15min late!! tsktsktsk
so we pretended to run into the classroom and pant in front of ms joseph as ifwe had just ran a longgggggg marathon
ms joseph: ( in her normal qiao she yin ) aiya! zhong yu lai la-er!!
v obviously she was in a v good mood
but quite some pple din turn up
pearl overslept and din come!!
TSK tht pig
the class was muchmuch peaceful without her shouting n laughter =D
went cp wiv guaishou eveniang feiho shermin yj jianbin n yihua aft hist
went kopitiam to makan =D
me feiho, with braces and eveniang, with a huge ulcer ate porridge
yummy my pi dan hua shen zhou was delicious!!
haha me n feiho somemore take a small bowl to scoop so tht it will be less hot
guaishou ate ban bian
shermin n yj ate zhi ma hu
CORRECTION: were they even eating? they were playing wiv it!!
feiho had to squash all her peanut and pi dan because it was still her 2nd day
thn in the end she gave up and jus ate the porridge instead
and ths is how her porridge looked like in the end
on the other hand eveniang was concentrating on TALKING (nth suprisingly new) and her ulcer hurts thus they was still a BIG bowl of porridge left
thn shermin and yj was playing wiv the zhi ma hu
TSKTSK shi wu shi zhe yang gei ni men wan de ma
nowadays de kids ah.......
thn we felt rly bored and yihua tried to do a restuarant art piece

was a mixture of ban mian's green veg chicken cutlet's cloesaw baked beans tomato and cucumber
the sause was frm the zhi ma hu haha
walked ard cp and was rly bored
thus jb suggested tht we call someone frm compass heights to bring us in to can guang and play pool
me and yihua called sheryl
me: can bring us come ur condo?
sheryl: orh can ah
me: eh ur condo got pool?
sheryl: got
me: ok prepare the pool table jb wants to play
sheryl: orh i thot u say the swimming pool tht pool leh
AHAHAHA v funny hor
thn she came down to bring us to compass heights
was rly big and looked like the chalet like tht
thn went playground to play
esp liked the standing see-saw
emcee: as u can see now, our mediacorp artiste is gg to perform on ths standing see-saw
firstly up was yihua and jianbin

the see-saw is actually smaller thn we can see and they are trying to bring 4 pple to stand on the see-saw
next up is evenaing and liting

-in midst of balancing-

and THEY DID IT pls give thm a round of applause

Everyone: qing bo da juan kuan re xian!!
was vv funny but we screamed quite alot and the security guard din like it cos he said tht it would disturb the residents and chased us out
couldnt play anymore and went home

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November 06, 2007

YAY im sooooo HAPPY cos im able to eat rice without pain today!!
naturally right it is alr the 4th day
im sure i hav turned frm a vv small eater to a more tham jiak person aft putting braces haha
feiho put braces today haha
she oso put transparent cos the person nv ask her thn put transparent for her!!
thn tht day i go put thn the stone mus use diff size according to ur teeth de size de ma
thn tht day i put oliver went: (monotone) ok 6, 5, 4. 2 ah one 1 ah 2!
thn today feiho go oliver went yet agn: (monotone) 6, 4, 3 not 5 ah!
AHAHAHA oliver so so funny
TSK jin gwei copy me and feiho put transparent

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 05, 2007

was chem SPA today
my reading was 23.2
kinda screwed up the end point thing cos i wanted to do dropwise and i merely pressed gently n a whole lot of KMnO4 squirted out and ms loh gave me tht kind of face
second time i did dropwise quite smoothly but somehow the drops will too big and it way passes end point and became a darker shade of pink
thn i saw her writing smth on the paper
but v luckily i could determine which was a better bleach
hope tht the accurate reading is 23.1 so most of us can get a level 2 =D
went for lockup at meeting rm
was unable to play prisoner cos thr was another class and a tcher inside
wented behind to chat instead =D
good luck to feiho who is putting her braces tmr
good luck to laosun who will be persuading her mum to let her do braces

now for those who is doing braces i offer u my most sincere opinions
when doing the teeth mould ALWAYS BREATHE THROUGH UR NOSE!!
it is no pain AT ALL whn putting on the braces but i cant assure u pain-free on the 2nd and 3rd day cos it will be quite hard to chew ur food
eat porridge instead =)
but definitely u will be deprived of ur sweets la chewing gum and nuts and crackers
and everything u eat MUST be in small pieces
and even brushing ur teeth with a special toothbrush will be pain!!
food will get stucked btw the braces so u got to rinse ur mouth aft every meal

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, November 05, 2007

November 04, 2007

was sch's open hse today
one word sums it all: BORANG!!
firstly i hav to reach sch at 7am which means i will be missing my DORAEMON!!
thn did the collage
the pink 'S' was vv nice!!
its because of the color not the person who did it :)
duno who oso bought lotsa chips for the trivia game
the trophies were brought out to display on the booth ltr
and thr was ths v nice one!!

is star shaped thn can see ur reflection de!!


liting: thank you thank you!! firstly i would like to thank my parents for bringing such a genius to ths world. Secondly i would like to thank my FANS for voting for me n giving me ur fullesat support. Pls cont to LOVE ME!! THANK YOU!! *kisses trophy*
went to set up the booth
and our syf video arrived!!
woah the play was FABULOUS!!
esp whn the first BEAUTIFUL actress came out, it was a BLAST!!
and also the part whr Taro was brought into the sea

had absolutely nth to do aft setting up the booth so went to xia yi pan weiqi wiv sibob n zhengyi at their booth
i must admit sibob is quite a good player!!
but zy was..............
haha why not take a look at the game which me and him played

can u see soooooo much gaps btw the black chesses (obviously i was the black one =D)
and can u see the ladder at the right?

went to do braces wiv feiho aft open hse
i gg to do braces while feiho is consulting n doing mould n xray
went to wait for feiho's mum at cp
both her parents came!!
wah not even one my parents came today whn im doing braces but feiho quan jia chu dong whn she was only consulting haha!!
okok its actually normal maybe they want ask qns
shi jie shang you na ge fu mu bu teng zi ji de er nu de!! (wah v familar de dui bai i forgot which show i took it frm)
took mrt to serangoon to meet my cousin thn bus-ed 135 to katong
and thr was a v longgggggggggggg queue
hey thr is munchy donut beside the dentist!!
waited vvvvv long before it was my turn finally
it seemed lik eternity!!
put my lucky star (the stress ball) in my pocket in case i feel pain thn can squeeze)
wanted to hear songs to avoid the scary sounds but my hp din hav batt
closed my eyes to prevent myself frm seeing the equipments
WAN SHI JU BEI zhi qian dong feng
frstly the doctors drilled marks on my teeth
thn he sprayed a rancid liquid into my mouth which taste lik wht?
thn he did the bracing!!
heng ah!!
thn he left me in the room for the glue or whatever to dry
thn i moved my mouth a little and one of the stone became crooked TSK
chose the transparent color cos din hav PINK!!
and finally it was done
feiho's turn to do mould
hey ths time, like me, she too pulled away the dentist hand!!
hah v funny hor we did the same action
but ths is rly normal reaction
i wonder if everyone pulled away his hand whn he did the upper mould
feiho had too extract 4 teeth too!!
aft tht we went to buy the munchy donut and went hme
i recommend the chocolate flavor wiv banana custard topping n the white chocolate cinnamon

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Sunday, November 04, 2007

November 02, 2007

YAY today is the last day of the extended prog THANK GOD!!
early in the morning me pearl guaishou n feiho was jus a little late as usual
thn i saw the unusually smily yijuan SMILING at me so sudd
thn laosun or yk say we tio detention form cos we were late n mdm said ytd tht she will be coming to check today if anyone was late
thn we were quite shocked thn i saw yj smiling agn!!
tsktsk da dan gan bluff us ah!!
yj ur smilely face jus cant seem to bluff me!!
wah but tht time the paper ball incident was rly real leh
buey pai you wo ai yan de xi bao =D
mdm siak bought oreos and only those who finished their ex.6.1 could get it
naturally everyone including me chiong our ex6.1 fast enough before the stocks ran out
Mdm SIAK is soooo good and i will definitely miss her aunty actions n all the maths actions n all her kou tou chan such as "thats sis why" n " BYYYYY the way" and "jianbin~~~~~~~~" and her lollipopps n oreos!!

mrtee in banana pyjamas is so cute!! =D
yay we are the frist shift for the chem SPA so our testube will be the cleanest =D
ms joseph wore a $90+ lacoste polo today and a raphl lauren polo tee last wk
TSK tht rich rihanna
after sch went to design the eldds notice board
spent a hell lot of time doing the leaves!!
and we realised we ran out of crepe paper n siowmay n rachel went cp n cp's pop doesnt hav the shade we want n meldon had to go hg mall's pop to get it
THANKS MELDON!! and oso siowmay n rachel
its ok it would be ur chance next yr to bully ur juniors!! =D
worked frm 12.30 to almost 7!!

regconise the familar backs? ahahaha *chuckles*

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, November 02, 2007

November 01, 2007

many FUNNY things happened today!!
firstly eveniang de bag got those put pens de pockets
thn ltr i saw yk n laosun digging smth frm the pockets
liting: eh wht ur digging ah?
eveniang: orh i put my money inside thn cant take out
liting: wah wht coin lai de so small can squeeze in
eveniang: oops its san zhang shi kuai
haha thn yk n guaishou n laosun will digging hard while me n guaishou were laughing uncontrollably
secondly whn we went for recess thn eveniang eat the ee mee thn sudd her ezlink dropped into the gravy
thn my hotdog drop onto the floor!!! =(
thn as usual me pearl yk n several others were locked outside the class thanks to the special locks which is exclusively at 3F
3F'08 pls take care of thm!!
thn ltr aft manymany attempts we finally managed to force open the door and while yihua was trying to shut it yk placed his waterbottle in between the doors thn yihua couldnt close it
see its dented
did some da sao chu at i&e rm today
messed up the whole rm for 2 cockroaches
everyone freaked out even sebastian!!!
only queena was the brave one!!
firstly we thot tht thr was only one tiny roach
but tht imp was enuf to SCARE the whole eldds out of their soul
-after catching one roach-

thn aft the FIRST roach incident we thot tht i&e was v safe alr thn everyone did the da sao chu

thn yihua went to find his PRECIOUS MASA

he said tht it was of significance cos his grampa won $40 in mahjiong n bought him to toy'r'rus to choose whatever he wants

thn he was lik lifting the box to find her masa n the bigger roach was just at the side of the box?!!!!

IM SURE tht definitely FREAKED him out =D

more messing up of the rm to kill the 2nd roach

yk SQUASHED IT with the seventeen magazine!!

and some disgusting juice squirted out frm its body eww eww

thn we found an egg case EWWW~

-after da sao chu!!-

aint it NEAT!!!

free frm roaches DEFINITELY

did the shi-bai-de-man skit


the pinkish behaviourishh @ Thursday, November 01, 2007

♥Fu Man Lou

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♥Pink Lover

Ng Li Ting
TJC!! =D (to be, hopefully!)
Hot pink<3



Get and squeezeeeeee into TJC
Learn how to speak korean
Learn to play the piano
Paint bedroom walls HOT PINK
Someone to sponsor me for all of the above


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