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February 15, 2009

DAY 5 6/2

battle of the titans for those not involved in o-night rehearsal!

well basically this is like mass games where each og compete against other ogs in whatever crazy games the organisers can think abt and the og of each clan with the most points will represent their clan to fight against other ogs from other clans

ok confusing but nvm

there is this game whr u'll have to squeeze many people onto the already small mat and flip the mat over without anyone's feet touching on the floor

ok more or less your shld know how to flip the mat la hor *winks*

played a game which is like dog and bone just that the bones are sponges soaked in soapy water

agn i didnt score any points for my group

dog and bone is something im really lousy at cos i dont know how to plan strategies (which means my xin ji bu zhong haha) and cant run fast

but its ok cos og 13 still won!!

thn another was like they give a long nylon string thn u'll have to make use of it to lift to a pail of marbles in the centre of a circle out of the circle without crossing the circle and without dropping the pail

that one was really hard but nothing's too hard for og 13!

we managed to complete it within amazing 44s!

thn i was thinking zen me ban cos og 13 shi zai tai qiang le!!

so we got lots of points and was the og who got the most points in Xcion! =D

so happy!

thus we could represent xcion to compete against other clans in battle of the titans!

in summary each clan has a base then defenders will protect the cups filled with marbles in their bases

while attackers bounded together by nylon strings will have to try to knock down the cups of marbles of the other clans using newspaper balls

the sun was sickeningly scorching and im teribbly tired

5 days orientation str is no joke ok

then some OGMs suggested that they treat us to bubbletea if we won

and i was like 'ok suddenly feel v energetic and super motivated to win alr lets start the game!'

haha so xian shi

but its really true

winning the game for the icy cold bubbletea is so worth it esp when u're under the hot sun

im so easily satisfied

so the whole game on my perspective is mainly abt me and my teammates being super restricted by the stupid nylon string and throwing balls that always narrowly missed knocking down the idiotic cups

one og played dirty, i shant name which

the game lasted for like an hour, i swear its damn long, felt even longer by the hot sun

global warming, people pls love and save the earth

and so xcion had only miserable cup left standing while other clans had definitely more thn one cup standing

the other clans are just jealous tht we are leading so most of them aimed at us

verelda won so they got like 500 points more thn every other clan

we lost but our ogls still treated us to bubble tea anyway!

yay bubble tea!

og 13 has the best ogls =D

went to the toilet looked at the mirror and realised tht my nose and cheeks were red

GREAT! sunburn! hope u sense my sacarsm

dog tired after all that running and roastingin the sun, ate mee sua at sch

i drank fruit juice, too thirsty to wait for the bubbletea

the fruit juice was v nice!

bought phy, chem and gp notes from zapp, scanned through them with mouth opened wide enough for a cockroach to fly through

moved to the benches outside canteen since canteen needs to be cleaned or washed

i love the benches, very cosy, great location for chatting

and after an immeasurable amount of time my milk tea arrived! =D

ogls gave out orientation packs and file

changed into our matrix attire and went to sit around the bartender area

theen yew gave a really touching sppech about winning and losing

he said he emo-ed in the duno what room for half an hour abt winning and losing

he said to our og 'og 13 although u lost miserably in the battle of titans but at least u didnt cheat' and he said he was proud of us =D

he said that after the allocation of us into our cg, we may not belong to xcion anymore

TJ is so good, made us bond, develop feelings and separate us

he said that it will depend on luck, destiny and fate

im fairly sure that lady luck is shinning on us, we are destined to win, so just leave it to our winning fate =D

and finally he said that winning and losing didnt mattered, cos since we had been leading so far, we are already considered winning

he hoped that we will scream like we had never screamed before, screamed like we never will again for o-night tonight, for him, for xcion

you see, ping liang xin jiang touching or not

touching right

i fought hard to suppress my tears really, cos i decided that i have no reason to weep like a baby

i had to save energy for 0-night and scream like this will be my first and last time! (choi!)

im sure i'll feel super sad if my cg is not in xcion

and so we cheered the spell xcion cheer and stomped our foot accroding to the cheer all the way up to the hall

the scene was hilarious i swear haha

the hall was abit different cos they made a temporary stage right in the middle of the hall

jc jiu shi jc

everything has a good budget, i mean in a good way like a good production

i feel so curious abt the stage cos its like i really wonder how they got it done within half a day

and its like all lightings and audios are connected to the stage u know

and they made something like a transformer with glowing eyes on the stage

so o-night started with many cheers from each clan and sitting on the floor from 5pm to almost 10pm only getting up occasionally to cheer

so there were the performances from each clan, most revolved around stories of the four clan

then the four headed broadway, questions only, dont forget the lyrics, scenes from a hat and something like talent time

my poor butt and my back and legs were aching like mad i cant concentrate on the performance

im not exaggerating but i was so scared that i would be bedridden the next day because my back would be like immobile or something

standing up and sitting down again was a torture cos i've to feel the pain in my butt over and over agn

and finally o-night was coming to an end and its time to reveal the winning clan!

and the four clans leaders went up of the stage and sort of fight and theen yew emerged as the winner!

im not too sure if that means that xcion won but everyone from xcion standed up and started cheering, screaming and clapping




i literally jumped up on my feet, all the pain in my back, butt and legs totally vanished!

most effective remedy, immediate cure!


so happy!!

and so there was like a life band peforming on the stage singing famous english song like 'I'M YOURS' and everyone in xcion was in super high spirits!

we formed choo choo trains and ran around the hall like nobody's business

im fairly sure i could jump out of bed tmr

everyone was like singing and dancing along to the music, waving hands in hand and clapping to the music

and the lights were dim its like disco!

super high i love o-night!

then the mass dances song was played and the whole hall danced!

i love speedy!

after all that crazy night fever, og 13 met at the canteen

so sad orientation's over

og 13's going to separate

our ogls gave us each a photo taken at suntec's founatin of wealth with a message written behind

and a custom made laminated certificate which has my big name LiTing and the words 'ogm of the best og of the best clan ever!'

so true the words

took the last photo and went home

i totally enjoyed myself and love the orientation

my parents came and fetch me and they asked me why there were bomp bomp bomp sounds in the hall

i could only laugh

long day, super tired, want to sleep on the bed but the fantastic tyre chose today of all days to pung chek

how timely

i played super hard during orientation and was wondering if i would work even half as hard next week whn the lectures and tutorials start

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 07, 2009


DAY 1 2/2
feeling weird to climb out of bed so early to go to a totally unfamilar environment instead of to work
but heng melissa and melina was in the same sch as me so we could go sch tgt everyday
and yanqing was in the same sch as me too though not same og
reached TJ bright and early and agthered outside auditorium
and realised there were quite some nchs students
though definitely not more thn 20
my og was located in gallery of audi so i had to climb 4 storeys worth of steps
reminded me how i climbed 4 storeys EVERYDAY to reach class
and the audi was HUGE
and i just sat beside someone on a chair
i dont know what to do with unfamilar faces around me
and i saw that sihui was also in same og as me!
OGLs (orientation group leaders) took attendance and gave out consent forms for MASS DANCE AT SUNTEC FOUNTAIN OF WEALTH!!
and so principal mrs loke gave a welcome speech
her english was so fluent it can be compared to any english teacher in nchs
not exaggerated
and then there were subject talks how to register for subject courses and everything totally bored me to tears
and the cheering starts!!
new cheers accompanied with actions which i've never heard before
but i felt that the cheers were rly nice
and im from clan XCION!!
there were four clans namely xcion,verelda, zandor and daekaron
weird names duno where they got it from
my OGLs and clan master, theen yew was super high
exactly the group i would like to be in
i would have to say the audi has acoustic that is quite good
so u know wht happens to your ear when the cheering starts
and then we went hall to learn mass dance!!
frankly it was harder than i expected
whenever there was moves tht involved hands and legs they go haywire
and i realised i was a v poor dancer
but the end of the seesion i was able to remember most dance steps but unable to dance it
esp running man
i wonder what will happen on thurs at suntec
thn we dabao-ed lunch at the hawker centre just directly opp my sch and ate tgt with my og and ogls
so in addition to the canteen there were also hawker centres and kopitiams opp sch
i have so many FOOD choices to choose from!
then we went back to a place somewhee near the the running track and bonded with our ogls
my ogls are daphne, phay key, indora, xiangyu, camelia, vathany, krystal, royce, kaizen and song keang
they are all v friendly and high haha
we self intro-ed, played games like 007 and learnt cheers
was quite fun with all the not-too sure-about-the-hand-actions-and-just-followed-along thing
played a game which served to make us remember each others name
but i was still unable to know even half of my og's name
the people in my og is abit... boring
well this is first day of sch afterall so im not sure if its because we are too shy to joke with each other or wht
but if this continues i bet tht few weeks down the road i'll forget how to use sacarsm
then we played si ben or elope in the scorching basketball court
boys were warned to cut their hair cos if they are caught by the DM the DM will remember them for life
remind me of goh kawsen haha
and went home

DAY 2 3/2
my clock died on me, right on the second day of my sch

it died around 5 mins before the alarm shld go off
nevertheless i wasnt late, just a minute earlier
started the day with some cheers
i realised tht people in JC was all very high
cheering was like... breathing
they cant stop haha
this was followed by talk on college ethos and discipline talk by VP and DM respectively
mainly college etho revolved around passion, purpose, drive, integrity and care for others
i practically let out all the carbon dioxide in my lungs when the DM said he was only gg to talk about discipline matters only once
in nchs discipline matters was almost instilled in us 4 times a year once for every term
so altogether mr neo had gone through with every student of nchs discipline matters for 16 times
'Discipline matters' were like the two magic words that will bring about groans among the students of nchs whenever flashed on the screen
ok back to TJC
i realised discipline in JC was much much less strict thn that in secondary sch
hot pink rubberbands were allowed!
hot pink ankle socks were allowed!
and then we were briefed on the amazing race that we are about to embark on later on!
oh yea!
so we are given clues on where to go and must mrt to that station and play games and collect points which are given in the form of ice cream sticks
Temasek Amazing race begins!
my og chionged to bedok mrt because it is faster than waiting for bus
and i realised that my ogls are rly responsible
they have the real leadership in them
cos i saw one of the ogls running towards a 7-eleven store
i thought she was thirsty and wanted to buy drinks for herself
but turned out tht she went to buy bread for us in case we felt hungry!
i was so utterly shocked and surprised
this was something i had never encountered in my secondary sch life
so we trained to city hall and played a game
it was hard to play so u can imagine how hard it is to describe so i shant elaborate
and one of the station master was abit ke bo
she wouldnt let us have points till we screamed like duno how many cheers in her ear
then we trained to paya lebar mrt
played another game which was quite easy as in straight forward require no brains
but i shant explain it either
and to get more points we had treasure hunt which is to find ice cream sticks in the area
and the only place around the area which could hide ice cream sticks is among some bushes-like plants
yea trying to be funny ah finding ice cream sticks in bushes
nevertheless my powerful og managed to find the not-so-funny ice cream sticks without any effort and earned extra points!
then we rly rly chionged to tampines swimming complex for the next game
we were the first group to reach there and i think the station masters were already so bored so when they saw tht we finally reached tht were so happy tht they just gave us the ice cream sticks of quite alot of points without asking us to play the game!!
i think the story is like tht
we were sooooooo thankful that we didnt know what to do so we just did them the sexy cheer
station masters are so lucky, they keep hearing sexy cheers or hot cheers, zai cheers done to them
but whether these cheers are sincere or not is totally another different thing la, of course
end of amazing race!
da bao-ed mac back to sch and discussed what to do for our orientation-night performance
wasnt v fruitful only gotten the general idea
proceeded to hall for learning of the second mass dance
this second one was harder because it was all legs movement and my balancing isnt v good ok
forgotten most part of the dance steps at the end
totally duno what to do on thurs in suntec

DAY 3 4/2
ok since i came to jc i realised so many things

if u noticed i had already typed the word 'realised' so many times
once again i realised that cca is called pdp and class is called civics group or cg
jcs replaced such easy terms with words tht are so cheem
and they announced tht so far, XCION IS THE LEADING CLAN!!
my ogls asked me if i could participate in 'scenes from a hat' since i was from eldds
i said ok and was allowed to skip pdp and library talks to go for audition =D
the audition had air con so shiok and the judges asked us some questions
they ask me to tell them something about me tht they duno
and i told them i love hot pink haha
thn they asked me act a scene where im a boy who is doing cross-dressing and then my mum discovered me
i think i fare average though not too hopeful tht i can make it through haha
thn we proceeded with dance number 3
so far i think im most fond of this dance
and im getting the hand of running man!!
and this dance involved alot of nice steps
though some rly tested the skills of my balancing
they recaped the second dance (OMG!) and i just followed the dance steps of my ogls and fu yan-ed them
thinking of how to not disgrace myself at suntec
played mass games and competed against zandor
was on a losing streak
won only 1 game out of 4
totally in no mood to describe the games
but its ok, tmr deng zhe qiao!
ate char kway teow at hawker centre and went back sch to discuss performance with og agn
finally decided on the story though havent come up with script yet
i got a role cos i was my ogls know im from eldds
i duno if i shld regret saying i was from drama haha
pdp exhibition
omg so many choices i duno wht to choose from!
currently guitar is first on my list
weird, i know
but also considering english drama
i think it would be either
though i feel like joining sports
but i duno if i can survive doing sports
i duno if i want to join drama agn
i want to learn something new but TJ english drama rly seems like fun

DAY 4 5/2
today we gathered in hall instead of audi
was so excited abt mass dance today!
oh and i didnt get through the audition
i dont know to feel happy or sad
maybe happy cos 'scenes from a hat' needs u to impromptu and i hate impromptus cos my mind cant think fast
but maybe i shld feel sad cos i cant do my og and clan proud and that is if i dont disgrace myself on stage
then a quite old pe teacher gave us a speech today abt mass pe
the thing i dread abt jc
imagine standing broad jump
my leap, oh no i wouldnt use leap to descibe it, is not even anywhere near nearly fail
played mass games again
today XCION OG 13 is totally on a winning streak
the complete opp of ytd
well not rly cos we won all 4 games today! =D
GLORY GLORY GLORY XCION HEY! *waves hand in the air*
one of the games involved us having to dip our face in water and thn dipping our face into a basin of flour and biting out the mentos which is camouflaged plus hidden in the flour
the water and flour and reused and reused and i threw away the image of my pimply face off my mind
so with faces dipped in water and flour im fairly sure i would be quite tasty when fried
yummy deep fried faces
but its worth the dirtyness cos we won tht game! =D
today's mass dance practice was special cos we are learning couple dance!
haha sihui is my couple and after learning the dance i felt so relieved tht my couple was a girl
couple dance was v fun and i could rmember almost 90% of the steps
so pro
and this one didnt involved tests on my balancing or coordination of hands and legs
and i love the song!
though i duno the title
the chorus goes like this 'cos im trying hard just to let u go' if i didnt get the lyrics wrong
and the ogls danced speedy for us to see cos i think we dont have time to learn or something
its a compilation of many retro dance steps to form a rly nice dance!
still got can can somemore so fun!
im proud to say i can rmb the dance steps of speedy!
and so we went to our spot at the place near the running track and quickly rehearsed our o-night performance cos audition would be ltr in less thn a hour
the acting skills of some of the boys was hilarious, well in a good way of course
and audition begins!
in this audition we compete against other ogs of our same clan instead of against other clans
thn the best og's performance of our clan will thn compete with other clans on o-night
my role was to represent zandor as a princess well literally
and the rest my my og is supposed to do me a sexy cheer
the cheer is quite long cos it involved 11 sexy claps
i duno how to survive this embarassment without looking awkard
so i cat walked the stage to look more natural
ARGH impromptu
looking awkard is the very last expression i want on my face on stage
but despite my cat walk, despite me xi shen my se xiang, og 9 was chosen instead but its ok cos i'll have to admit their skit is better thn ours
it is silly cos there shouldnt be any compeition among the clan itself cos we are one big clan
then someone from student council briefed us on mass dance later at suntec
the only sentence tht made a lasting impresssion on my mind is 'dont make a nuisance of yourself in the public' haha
translation: dont cheer in suntec city haha
and so i made my way to suntec with my og and ogls by 36
the single decker 36 was CROWDED with og13
in JCs the sch doesnt organise buses to transport u to suntec anymore
im sure if this happens in secondary sch some parents are bound to complain
upon reaching ogls ordered canadian pizza while we cheered and took photos
and tv crew from duno which channel came and filmed me!!
filmed my og, og 13!!
check out this conversation
Vincent says:
how is your mass dance!
Vincent says:
got fall into the fountain
litINg. says:
so fun!!!!!!
Vincent says:
haha anyw, want go back eldds!
Vincent says:
they halfway practice le
litINg. says:
got tv come and pai me leh!!!!!!!!!1
Vincent says:
i saw siowmay at cp just now!
litINg. says:
but i duno when will air
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
pray it'll be on channel u
Vincent says:
cos channel u will upload to xin dong wang
Vincent says:
i think channel 8 news also got upload
Vincent says:
omg so funny
litINg. says:
they pai me and ask me to say
litINg. says:
'we love YJ'
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
litINg. says:
and 'we love mass dance'
Vincent says:
litINg. says:
Vincent says:
yishun girl
litINg. says:
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
so funny
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
omg i think they 90% will use your clip
litINg. says:
another chance for me to be famous
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
you can write on your sgc ah
litINg. says:
i think so too!
Vincent says:
litINg. says:
but i duno they under wht channel one
Vincent says:
hm u go xin.sg find
litINg. says:
i duno if its channel u
litINg. says:
cos they interview thn my ogl speak in eng
litINg. says:
but even speak in eng also can bo on channel u one la hor
Vincent says:
dont hv leh
Vincent says:
i find on xin.sg dont hv LOL
litINg. says:
huh so sad
litINg. says:
i po bu ji dai see myself on news
litINg. says:
maybe its cna
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
OH WAIT AH i go find
litINg. says:
ok thanks!
litINg. says:
wah u also so eager to see me on tv hor
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
don't hv
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
i want to see how funny it is ma
litINg. says:
huh why dont have!!!!
litINg. says:
Vincent says:
don't hv at all
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
litINg. says:
they say its documentary
litINg. says:
walao dont tell me discovery channel
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
i know liao
Vincent says:
shld be cna or smt la
Vincent says:
wait patientiyl
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
u shld ask ma
Vincent says:
when is it airing?
Vincent says:
litINg. says:
i got the person dao me
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
Vincent says:
i cant believe u asked!!!
litINg. says:
of cos i asked!!!
litINg. says:
i mean tv leh!!!!
Vincent says:

-the end-
so happy!!
finally after an interminable wait the pizzas finally arrived
waters falling, coloured lights on, sky darkening, music please!!
surprisingly i was able to catch up with most of the moves!
and everyone was super high
and some of us even ran rounds and rounds around the fountain in choo choo trains!
i sure the scene was very zhuang guan with all the water accompanied by colour changing lights
and thousands of TJCians dancing around the circle
i love speedy!!
esp tht part where we gathered into a circle and do can can! =D
it was really vv fun dancing with ogms and ogls
and we did all the cheers at one go led by our clan leader theen yew
its so fun i doubt i'll ever forget this experience

to be continued, jing qing qi dai day 5 finale!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Saturday, February 07, 2009

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Hot pink<3



Get and squeezeeeeee into TJC
Learn how to speak korean
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