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December 22, 2008

i'm very, totally, superbly, happy today i can dance to the moon!

happy #1:
my er say tht he is helping me (or rather helping himself as well) to borrow new moon from his friend!
this is the first time for the duno how many months he had been staying in hostel tht i first LONGED for him to come back quickly!

happy #2:
i'm going to watch the much much much desired (that i even dreamt of it in my dreams) twilight tmr!

happy #3:
the ntuc opp my house finally hired me!
dont say i thick skinned, but i went to apply the job again and luckily the manager was there so he kind of interviewed me and hired me! =D

i'm so happy i sang and hummed christmas carols all my way home =D

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, December 22, 2008

December 20, 2008

yes, i'm currently very very very much addicted and crazy over twilight!

i completed the thick stack of twilight in an amazing two days

yes i know... 'wht?! liting is actually reading books?!'

but its rly very nice!

once u start u wont want to stop

except for of course, eating and bathing and sleeping in my case

everyone should read the book

i'm now very much on the eager-to-finish-the-whole-of-twilight-series mood

and i'm so going to catch the movie like how i'm so going to swensens!

tsk i hear gasps and see widely-opened mouths

nonono neither are your eyes playing tricks on u nor am i joking

i rly cant wait to watch the movie and quickly finish new moon in another two days and proceeding on to eclipse!

no offense, sorry to fans of Robert Pattinson, but he sort of ruined the perfect, flawless image of Edward Cullen in my mind! ok i've decided that Robert Pattinson is considered quite shuai afterall, nobody's perfect

shan't care, shall watch!

ps: fonts are dramatically enlarged for the sake of bobby's cocked eye =D

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 12, 2008

went mr ho's house today!
meet lishan, yijuan, shermin, qc, fabian, yikai, laosun, fat pearl, ah leo, fatty ho, bobby, yixin, ruiqi, yihua, jianbin at kembangan mrt
then we walked round the mrt to find a bus called 42
and during the bus journey we were like looking for a condo or rather, any condo
we alighted at this stop after a pri sch and saw a condo
then we walk and walk towards the condo and without realising, it went out of sight
then as the avid fans of shi xiong di, we went like:
ask lao qi to stretch his legs and find the condo
ask fei tian wu (my fav!) to fly us up
ask lao jiu to scrrrrrream to mr ho
haha thats 4F
so we walked back and when we turned a corner, we miracuously saw mr ho
"ai zhuan jiao yu jian le shui"
so mr ho did hear lao jiu screaming afterall
then he led us through a v narrow path to his condo!
mr ho's house is soooooo nice still got balcony somemore leh siao siao
and so he served us chocolates from duno which country which was so nice and there was fruit cocktail where everyone was fighting for the nata de coco and he cooked white and black cai tao gui for us!
after the lunch we played mahjong and i was on a winning streak despite all the pats on my shoulders by those who were jealous by my fantabulous skills!
unfortunately we did not play money or else the money i've won would have lasted me for a lifetime!
ok not so exaggerating
maybe at most it can only last me for a few years
while playing mr ho was like guiding me along and telling me which card to discard
and so he went something like: diu diao zhe ge yin wei na dao zhe ge de probability hen xiao
probability, bu kui shi maths lao shi
mr ho's mahjong skills not bad, he sure expert one
as a beginner bobby actually asked qc if yi suo can go with er tong!
at one point when we didnt have enough players cos jb went to watch kang xi lai le me and ah leo went down to join some of them to pao jiao at the swimming pool
the swimming pool was practically empty
and there was this mini pool where we pao jiao
and did the tribal dance!
ok this dance is easy let me teach u
form a circle with your friends and hold hand
and run towards each other and dip your hands in the pool and run outwards and raise your hand!
after getting our our legs and shorts wet, we suntanned on the bed-like chairs!
ah moon ke you yo er fu le cos i sang my zhao pai ge, feng and bu fan de ai for her!
then we played card games like the name game which is something like animal farm
and finally went home at 5

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, December 12, 2008

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