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November 28, 2008

Drama camp was very fun!
ps: you might want to prepare potato chips or snacks for this super long post

k this was the first day of camp and i reached sch at around 2
very thankfully, the side gate was opened if not i rly dont know how to survive carrying my almost wardrobe-sized luggage to the main gate and finally lifting it to the third storey
imagine the amount of potential energy that my luggage and i would have gained
i made it to the i&e alive, though half dead and was very warmly welcomed by a huge applause from my juniors =Dt
hey were doing a skit called macbeththe small room in the i&e was opened to serve as a place to put the food and for those who are on night duty
i love the small room, its rly cozy
i then spotted checked the food that the organisers bought which consists of 3in1 milo, jam and peanut butter, tin biscuits, apollo cakes and oreo
and i immediately discovered that something was missing
how could there be no apples in a 3D2N camp?!!!
since there were funds left me carl and sebastian went to the lrt minimart to buy 50 apples bread and orange syrup
after the el session at 4 we immediately started camp programmes
the leaders and some other juniors wiped the i&e floor as we had to sleep on the floor at night and that dirty shoes is not allowed on it after thatwe thn got into our group where siowmay was my leader and started the first obstacles race
station1: A had to turn 8 rounds on a baseball bat and run to station 2 where B is waiting
station2: A had to throw 3 balls into the the pail that B is holding and thereafter, B has to fill a pop bottle with water using a sponge and run to station 3
station3: blindfolded C will have to bring the bottle to station 4 under directions from D
station4: D and E have to giap the bottle batween their back and move to station 5
station5: F and G will then have to do the three-legged race
station6: H will then have to blow a balloon to a standard sizeand during the whole race, opponents from other team and shoot u with a water gun or throw u with a tennis-like balls, super complicated
me and ningwei did the 3 legged-race
however the winning team was vincent's group *jeers and sneers*
winning team could bathe first but i didnt cared less and bathed with them
eh i senior leh!
and soon it was time for dinner: cup noodles
some of us went home econs rrom to boil water and ate in canteen
hungrier ones could eat two cups since there were extras
then we did the night trust walk the one that u have to blindfold eye and put your hands on the shoulders in front of u and walk around the sch
it was very fun and thrilling because we have to take special care to the steps in front
and ms lim and some leaders fabricated some obstacles like wooden planks above us or holes in front of us and asked us to bend down or open our legs wide to cross over the 'holes'but it was very fun overall
then we had supper which consists of milo and apollo cakes
i helped in the pao-ing of milo leh!
i love to pao milo
then we watched movie, evan almighty in i&e
i didnt find the movie intereesting so i slept first
the floor was super hard and the room was super cold
but i was rudely awakened after the movie by some irritating juniors
lights out in drama is no lights out at all

i woke up around 7am and felt tired and that was when i felt rly relieved that i rejected carl when he asked me to do night duty
after washing up we played fruit salad and blow wind blow and then i went to pao milo
and it was after us putting the milo powder then we realised that mr neo had alr pao milo for us
counsellor also had camp and pls compare our budgets
breakfast for counsellors: 90 packets of meehoon with fishcake, drumstick/wing and veg although there were only 40 counsellors
breakfast for drama: blueberry jam, strawberry jam, peanut butter, white bread and biscuits
since there were extra meehoon we ate the leftovers (so pathetic)
then we played dog and bone in quadrangle
daniel is so small and jian and he scored almost 5 points for his team
i didnt help my team to score even a point at all
not surprising since i'm not crafty
thereafter we unravelled the fairytale
it was a lame game with no winners so i shan't bother to go into details
lunch was macdonalds!
although all we could order is one mac chicken burger since it was the cheapest
there was orange juice (not from macdonalds but from the minimart orange syrup)
the programmes after lunch was not carried out as ms lim got news from mr neo that cca day is brought forward to 19dec and that we have to prepare a skit
so we had to waste the camp time discussing whether we should do the unity, palace deception or liberty play
we finally decided on liberty but we do not have the script as it was improvisation by carmen, vincent, anna, pinhui and carl
so vincent contacted the original actors to come and re-act the play again
pinhui and wenyi was free to come while the others were basically too busy with school
the after lunch time was even more wasted when we were informed that we do not have to act on that day anymore
but still, pinhui and wenyi is still happy to come for gossips
played captains ball and i was the captain!
'ba qiu pass gei wo xiang xing wo!'
angeline fell and vincent was like half running and half pulling her up but she couldnt stand up and the scene was hilarious haha
we bathed, the water was super cold and ate ho kee nasi lemak for dinner! (much better than cup noodles)
i love the fragrant rice =D
we had treaure hunt in the dark after dinner but before that each group had to prepare clues of anything or places in level 1
sandy, zhiyu, minyu, vincent and yvonne was in my group
we chose the statue outside general office and vincent said that mr tien mentioned that its made of brass before so we wrote 90% copper and 10%zinc and drew two bras in the paper
we are not sure of the percentage but his should be itt
he second one was shu xuan and the clue we wrote was complicated, i shant explain it
the third one was the quadrangle flag raising there and the clue we wrote 'louder.. louder than that'
i'm sure everyone knows what that means =D
then pinhui and wenyi came and gossiped
we introduced to them some new faces of gossip in the sec 1 haha
then they helped to facilitate the treasure hunt
meldon's group got our clues and we got their clues
clue 1: drink water think back ans: a stone in the pond that says ying shui si yuan
clue 2: 记得'宣轩'
ans: shu xuan
clue 3: wanton=十七树
yea tell me wht clue 3 means siawe thought it was canteen because of the wanton
we even thought that it was the seventeen tree in some part of level 1 or even a car plate number or room number
we rly stumped at this clue
and ran practically the whole sch
sudd zhiyu ling ji yi dong and scrrrrrreamed: wo zhi dao le!
and then she was like running towards the canteen at the speed of light
none of us knew what happened and just ran behind her crazily
then they were like looking around the canteen for a poster and zhiyu was like: wo swear wo kan guo bu ran wo tok wo de tou xia lai
and suddenly someone went : wo zhao dao le!
the clue turned out to be one ton=17 trees
if u are still unaware of whats going on thn your eyes must be blind
remember the poster on the pillars of canteen
and i still remember that i was like telling lishan: eh ni kan one ton = 17 trees leh!
after finding the stickers hidden at these places we had to report to ms lim
but she nao shi zhong and we were so desperate to win and practically resorting to shout: ms lim ni zai na li you ren yun dao le!
yay we came in first!
then we helped other groups and when all were solved i went to pao milo for supper
while pao-ing milo sebastian's joke made me laugh like crazy
after supper i went toilet to brush teeth and the corrider is soooooo dark and eerie
so everytime i would ask katherine along since she is not scared of things
good companion for dark places haha
then we watched get smart it was quite an interesting movie and i tried to finish watching the movie but i watched and watched and the movie is like no way near the end
so i asked zhiyu if the show is ending and she say zhong dian dou hai mei dao ne
upon hearing that i immediately went to slp
day 2 had been a long day and i yi jiao dao tian ming
partly because i used my bag as pillow, good support for my neck and wear socks to warm my feet

woke up at 8am woah
breakfast was bread and jam
then we played dog and bone in sch hall
after ytd lesson learnt sandy was like 'kan zhu daniel! bu yao rang ta you fa hui de ji hui!'
feet was super dirty after all that 'mopping'
and agn i didnt help to score any points
lan yu chong shu
cleaned up i&e did reflections and break camp
so sad right

v limited pics cos blogger wasnt cooperative at all

shall up load next time!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, November 28, 2008

November 21, 2008

i'm so happy that my ordeal is finally over!
but also sad at the same time cos i felt i lost something, 4 at a go
and that it temporary deprived me of my favourite activity: talking
nevertheless, special thanks to zhen and fatty ho for accompanying me through this torturing process =D

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, November 21, 2008

November 20, 2008

went raffles city robinsons for interview at 2pm
the queue was like crazy and and so i waited for a crazy 2hr
and ths was only the first day of the interview, there is still another tmr
so the interviewer asked us our sch and if we had any experience
but i doubt i'll get the job cos they would surely hire those with experience
unless they need me to communicate with those aunties cos i wrote in the application form that i can speak fluently and hokkien and teochew
i rly hope they hire me and let me work in the cosmetics section =D
thn maybe someone will come and zai pei me to become a make up artists and i might grow up to be a very famous make up artists who do make up for celebrities and brides and i'll appear in straits times urban with lots of camera snapping everywhere i go..
ok enough dreaming
anyw i rlyrly hope they hire me although the uniform is black all the way
but if they dont (choy! touch wood!) i might most probably try hg ntuc as fat pearl recommended
so i hope robinsons hire me!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 18, 2008

Yo man check out my new blogskin!
yes i know its vvvv nice!
well dont be jealous but if u are i cant help it either =D
with such a nice blogskin in FuManLou i'm more motivated to blog!
and i know that my fan cee will also be more motivated to visit my blog frequently too
but can someone help me with the borders
its too thin and the music thingy is sticking out
also the year is hiding behind the date on top of everyone post and it just wont come out no matter how i cajole or shout at it
someone pls help

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 15, 2008

today, me and ah leo and bobby set set out on our most anticipated journey to cineleisure KBOX!!
i was late but ah leo was vv late because at dhoby ghaut, she sat the wrong line and went to city hall instead of somerset
yes tht made her later
but her good friends: liting and bobby waited for her patiently
no complains definitely NO COMPLAINS i promise (erps wht am i doing now)
so we could only san bu bian liang bu di zou qu cineleisure
without any delay we quickly dian ge so tht every cent of our money is worthwhile
then i sang my zhao pai ge also known as 枫 but Jay Chou
everyone except ah leo and bobby did not have a feast for their eyes and ears, so sad
booby's voice was v nice, neglecting some high pitch parts tht her voice ran away, as in zou yin

ah leo's voice was sooo high pitch tht i was so awed

so i suppose u can vaguely imagine the pitch and loudness of their voice
nono imagination is enough, dont bother me to draw their amplitude-frequency graphs


bobby looks so happy to be able to show off her voice!

ah leo bobby and me!

after today's kbox session, i can confidently conclude tht i can sing better thn 胖虎

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 12, 2008

(hint: count the number of 'yet's to know how many time(s) i closed my blog)
i knew alot of people missed my blog and loved to read my exciting experiences because many were like practically begging (yes begging) me to open my blog
well, i cant help it since i'm so popular
o levels ended today at 0900 and i can finally fly like a bird! (by mariah carey)
guaishou(lishan) carl jianbin laosun ah leo chingen and yixuancame to fetch ME from sch after my paper
(thts why i say i'm popular)
thn we went jalan kayu to eat prata!
i love egg prata (i actually typed eye prata) but the curry's abit too hot for me

maybe next time i shld wear a hot pink top to eat the curry so tht i can be hotter thn the curry haha
following we met fat pearl and yihua at hougang stadium for badminton!
burn the prata calories
however the badminton wasnt rly fruitful for burning calories cos after the game we went to have lunch at mac
so it wasnt rly balanced as mentioned at fat pearl's blog cos she ate the most at mac!
thn i went to collect my contacts lens and learn how to wear!
struggled for torturing 30 min
removing it was even harder thn putting it in, really
but the feeling was v shiok as wearing lenses is soooo comfortable and convenient!
i feel as if i regained my perfect eyesight haha
i look nice in contact lenses=D (pls ignore the dark eye circles thanks)

ps: pls look at the difference in date from my last post to ths post

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Hot pink<3



Get and squeezeeeeee into TJC
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