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November 20, 2009

AFTER PROMOS!! (16 oct)

promos are finally over!!
what comes after promos?
celebration of course!!
so me, sharon, qingxia, casey, bao and zhenwei went yuki yaki in marina sq for a feast!

some pics to make all of u jealous =D

steamboat! half miso half tom yam

we decided to get adventurous by frying dou miao hahah. but it was delicious!

then we decided to get even more adventurous by frying fried rice hahah.

then bao like went to take soy sauce, sesame oil, all kinds of flavouring

then zhenwei took the egg and rice

then she pass the egg to me

then i hold on my hand and hid my hand

then ltr zhenwei was like: eh wheres the egg?

then everyone find on the table but not on the table

then qingxia was like: omg i dont dare to move lest the egg is on the floor then i move and break it

omg then everyone was like dont dare to move damn funny!

then i'm like: hahah egg zai zhe li la!


after that we went shopping!!

pretending to play. haha v xiang right!

woo later they bought a cake for me to compensate hehe!
and they sang happy birthday at Anderson's icecream right in the middle of suntec! =D

chocolate fondue!! fondue fondue i like!!

after that we went shopping at bugis and finally went iluma!
OMG i love the star lights on iluma i love it so nice!! =D

then we took photos under the stars!

my feet looks huge

after enough photo taking went home!
cant wait for shopping tmr!!

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Friday, November 20, 2009

November 02, 2009

Baking Cookies! (28 aug)

went ntuc and sheng siong to buy ingredients for baking cookies and icing for teachers' day.
then went bao's hse with qingxia, casey and zhenwei to bake!
bao's hse alot of her pics when she was young!
and those photos is those kind of go professional studio take one
then got this photo in the living room she wear those red chinese costumes and pose some orbit pose
is those kind go professional studio take kind of photo
then i was laughing away at the pic already till i went to her room
and saw a much bigger, framed up version of that picture!
totally laughed my head off HAHAHA
back to the cookies
luckily bao's mum was at home to help with operating of the machines and oven
or else i duno what kind of disaster the kitchen and cookies will turn out to be
maybe a roasted kitchen and charcoaled cookies
not as if we didnt already make a big fat mess out of her kitchen

then after putting some cookies into the oven, we were wondering how to do icing cos we wanted to write words on the cookies
bao called her frn to ask
her frn's version: egg white, icing sugar and coloring. no cooking required
that means we and the teachers will be eating the egg white RAW
but her frn says nvm
nvm then nvm lor
in a hasty attempt to do the icing, we didnt bothered to sift the icing sugar
so u can somehow guess the product la
got lumps and lumps of icing sugar
sudd my kou tou chan throughout the whole cookie making became:
"sui bian la!"
"aiya anything la!"
"aiyo nevermind one la!"
so casey was asking: no need sift sugar meh?
me: aiyo nvm one la!
then after not sifting the sugar, the lumps appeared
then qingxia was like: eh the sugar one lump one lump leh
me: aiya anything la!
the icing color v nice!
i add the coloring one leh of course nice!
so zhenwei was in charge of making the cookies, me qingxia and casey in charge of icing, bao helping around.

zhenwei's cookies v nice!
like the stars!
so of course i have to try making the cookies also la
so i try to make heart shapes and it turned out like this!

i think its ok leh quite nice for a first attempt. somemore no mould leh the heart u must do yourself without using hands.
but bao and zhenwei say ugly.
they say my heart look like its going to heart attack :[
so of course i must do a nicer one to prove them wrong!
so i started working on my Project NICE Hearts
i spent 30 min trying to perfect the heart ok!
v long ok!
before baking, its like this

so nice right!!
a perfect heart!
after baking!
so nice!
even zhenwei say nice =D
in case you forgot, zhenwei u really did say it was nice =D
after a while we thought that there is something wrong with the raw egg icing so bao went internet to print the icing recipe
internet's version: milk, icing sugar, coloring
this sounds more reasonable
so we did it!
then we wrote words on the cookies for the teachers
for the cookies for potluck, we drew many patterns!
got lots of different smily faces, even got Gu Jun Pyo!
i drew the : D

the cookies i made!
so perfect right!
miss perfect does perfect cookies, tian jing di yi

then got leftover doughs so we just do round cookies
bao rolled the cookies on her hands
the color and shape makes it look like sh!t

i bet the teachers will LOVEEE it! =D

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, November 02, 2009

TEACHERS' DAY!! (31 aug)

met at 7am at parade sq cos everyone had to sign the card for Ms Lim



very nice right!

sharon and me drew it!

well not really la of course i didnt draw it

otherwise it wont even be called a card, it will just be a scrap paper

sharon's very good in art

but the drew the hearts on the right of the card!

i also helped colour some of the parts and outline the words!

not bad ba!

then the boys and some girls blew balloons for ms lim

then we went canteen for potluck!!

so when ms lim came the guys gave her a balloon each then we got cake and sing happy teachers' day!

and of course gave her the vv nice card!

i bet she super touched =D


potluck begins!!

i love potluck!

as u can see there are chips, drinks, jellies, sandwiches, hotdogs and fruit salad!

not to forget the cookies we baked!

ok s0 there was banana chocolate sandwich (i think), watery guo dong, jellies which cant be poked up by a fork, another jelly with hair (eww!), fruit salad with nua nua banana and cookie that taste like the mooncake pig

22/09! <3

so after potluck we went hall for performance for teachers

photos in hall!
haha frankly i cant remember the performance anymore
all i can remember is the wrong side turning and can can and dance =D

the pinkish behaviourishh @ Monday, November 02, 2009

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